Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our Motto: “Inspire, Innovate and Explore the unknown Space with us”


Space for all Science for all”


Our vision is not only to fly to space, but make sure we help others fly to space too.


Our Mission is to provide innovative and within reach, astronomy & space science services (STEM) and products that are simple and fun to understand. To inculcate basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) for all, thereby encouraging aptitude inclination towards STEM learning. Models and Projects designed by STEM are easy to handle and add the hands-on experience to the concepts in an easy, practical process and substantiate what they learn from text books.


Spaceport India is an idea to create a multi-dimensional space activities program for kids, youth, students and also adults in the corporate world. We aim to be a platform that facilitate and educate, and provide low cost STEM learning projects and research work to everyone interested. This will enable all enthusiasts and experts across the country to participate in our nation’s future growth in Space programs.


It is very important to deliver more regularly and more cheaply space projects into space for us and our collaborating participants. 


Delhi, India
(We work across India)


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