NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY 2019 (Feb. 24 - Mar. 9, 2019)

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Spaceport India is organizing first Essay, Drawing & Painting Contest to mark the occassion of NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY 2019.

Contest entries can be sent from 24th Feb'19 till 9th March'19.

National Science Day (28 February) is celebrated every year in honor of Sir C.V. Raman to mark the discovery of Raman Effect for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize. This year, to mark this occasion, Spaceport India is organizing an exclusive event for School kids (Grade 5 - 12) and encourage them to write an essay or show their artistic talent (Drawing and Painting Contest).

Topics are as follows

* Essay Contest

- Topic 1: Mission Gaganyaan - What do you think about this mission and how it will help India grow in the future?

- Topic 2: Importance of Space Exploration - Do you believe that Space Exploration is only for developed nations? If not, how it has transformed our lives?

- Topic 3: Dream Big - What is that one thing you would like to solve and research about given a chance to become a Scientist.

* Drawing & Painting Contest

- Topic: Draw and Paint anything you dream about or want to see when you explore Space?

What Winners will get?

1) Winner entry from each essay Topic (3 Winners in total), and Top 3 entries from Drawing & Painting contest will be selected as Winners.

2) Winners will get appreciation Certificate from Spaceport India.

3) Video coneference with Astronomy expert / Scientist is subject to availability and will be confirmed & communicated later on.

4) Winner selection is at the sole discretion of Spaceport India Team and experts.

Rules for the Contest

Deadline: Essay / Drawing & Paianting entries must be received by March 9, 2019 by 5:00pm IST.

Email ID: (and Cc:

- For Essay Contest -

1) Please send us essay entries in Word / PDF format only (As an attachment).

2) Each student may submit only one entry.

3) Essays should be not more than 500-600 words (max).

4) Use only plain text (no images).

5) Essays can be submitted in the following regional languages.

 - English - Hindi - Punjabi - Gujrati - Marathi

 - Bengali - Kannada - Tamil - Telugu - Malayalam

6) A winning essay will be selected for each topic.

- For Drawing & Painting contest -

1) Please send us the scanned copies of your art work (and not the hard copy) via email.

2) Scanned copies should be clear

3) Top 3 entries will be selected by our team.

Common Notes

1) Please mention your name, email address, telephone number, and the name and address of the school in the email, so that we may contact you.

2) You can only participate in one of the two events.

3) Once winners are selected, winners will be contacted and asked to provide a photograph of the student(s) to post on our website along with the winning essays / Drawing entries.

4) Parents/guardians must submit written authorization to let us post the photos online.

Best of Luck!

Spaceport India Team

Event Details

  • Start date February 24 2019
  • End date March 09, 2019
  • Place Offline (At your location)

  • Country INDIA
  • Event Type FREE