SPACEPORT INDIA ASTEROID HUNT 2019 (May 27 through June 21, 2019)

Greetings from SPACEPORT INDIA and the ISAAC. Spaceport India Asteroid Search Campaign has started and new images are available now.

Please find below the links for your respective image sets (.zip) for download (Names mentioned are just for easy reference).

1. MPC reports need to be prepared as a text file and must be named with the image set name; for example, ps1-20190131_1_set001.txt.

2. Include the MEA line with the names of the students having done the analysis followed by the team or school name and country in parentheses.

Example: A. Student, B. Student & C. Student (School Name, Country)

3. Please note from the above example that ONLY the country can come after the comma inside the parentheses.

4. Include the Image Set Line with the name of the image set inside the report.

**If you do not submit any MPC report, then you will not get any participation certificate (Please keep this in Mind).

Note: Software, instructions, and Practice images - training links have already been shared in a seperate email previously.

This event is organized by Spaceport India in collaboration with IASC as an educational outreach program for high schools and colleges. It provides high quality astronomical data to students around the world. Students are able to make original astronomical discoveries and participate in hands-on astronomy.